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Pianist Vanessa Perez performs Chopin with passion, sensuality
Perez dove into the Preludes as if discovering them for the first time, flinging them out into the hall with a kind of wild intensity that was often breathtaking, as if she were forcing these delicate hothouse flowers into the fresh air for the first time....

Washington Post, May 2012

This is exceptional Chopin Playing...Prelude ( Op 45) sings with dark Passion . One of the most compelling performances since Michelangeli's ..... ( Perez) has a natural feeling for rhythm, she rarely pauses to make a point, but when she does she never sounds mannered. There is a keen sense of cumulative buildup and an awareness of the works overall architecture.....This is emotionally bold yet finely nuanced playing, the combination you need in this repertory. Personal as these readings are, they don't seem self indulgent, rather, they make you aware of the originality of Chopin's Music.
After listening to this you know exactly what Liszt meant when he said that the Chopin Preludes " modestly named, are nonetheless types of perfection in a mode he himself created, and stamped, as he did with his deep impress of this poetic genius"
American Record Guide, July/August 2012

To watch Perez play is an amazing show in itself....with her head bowed submerged in the keyboard, she carefully follows the profile of her hand, the movement of each finger detailing the contact and output from each key, even in those very fast - paced passages that her full mastery resolves in a natural fresh manner....Each phrase finishes in something similar to a caress of the keyboard, as if in this way she could silence the strings, or in a fast or slow gesture as suggested by the music's momentum but always harmonious and beautiful. Perez is obsessively devoted to the care of levels, dynamics and articulation....
El Clarin, Buenos Aires, Argentina